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Geri Bekmanis

Eye Wellness Coach, Master of Science

Certified Nutrition Health Coach  

Embark on a transformative journey to holistic eye wellness with me, drawing from my personal 25-year odyssey post-LASIK surgery. Throughout this journey, I've encountered and overcome a multitude of ocular challenges, ranging from debilitating dry eye to persistent ocular inflammation. In my quest for relief, I've explored an extensive spectrum of remedies, blending both conventional and natural approaches to address these complex issues. 

With a deep understanding of the intricacies of ocular health and the multitude of factors contributing to dry eye, I emphasize the importance of a comprehensive approach tailored to individual needs. Moreover, my journey has been punctuated by groundbreaking experiences, including being among the very first patients to use Oxervate in the US. This novel FDA-approved innovation fosters nerve regeneration in the eyes, leading to heightened corneal sensitivity, improved tear production, and a pathway to healing.

As a dedicated student of ocular and eyelid ailments, I've amassed a diverse repertoire of techniques and insights aimed at alleviating ocular discomfort and promoting healing and rejuvenation. Let's collaborate and embark on a transformative voyage together, where we'll work hand in hand to restore comfort, vitality, and holistic wellness to your eyes.

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I specialize in the following ocular issues

Complex Dry Eye Issues / Cases

Ocular Inflammation, Red Eyes & Hygiene Strategies

 Meibomian Gland Dysfunction

Autoimmune Related Dry Eye Disease


Eye Wellness Protocol

Enjoying Outdoor

Let's begin your journey toward comfortable eyes and get you back to enjoying life again! 

Geri is extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of dry eye. She has helped me to treat, and even reverse aspects of my dry eye disease. I developed dry eye after PRK surgery 8 years ago. She has guided me to get Oxervate to help regrow corneal nerves and promote healing and tear production. She also hooked me up with a device that increases tears. I also purchased a peptide from her that should further promote healing of my eyes. I'm already feeling better and I know she has still so much more knowledge and things to try!

- Brandon R.

I learned about Geri through a trusted medical professional. I have been dealing with a Chalazion on my lower eyelid for over a year. Twice an Opthalmologist has surgically removed and drained it. He admits he may need to refer me out on my next follow up. It continues to be a challenge for Geri and I to get the "little bump" to break open and drain but we are trying all sorts of things. Geri also gave me a cleansing routine and I have seen great improvement on my eyelids as I had some whiteheads and they have vanished. I have enjoyed all the time and interest Geri has given me. I look forward to this Chalazion going away and continued improvement, SHE KNOWS HER STUFF! 

- Eileen F.

I cannot say enough good about Geri, she is a wealth of knowledge about dry eyes and helped me eliminate some mild issues very quickly and my eyes feel better already.

- Debbie G.

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